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About the Artist

Janet is a West Coast resident.  In another chapter of her life, she was a network executive and television producer, but in this chapter, she has turned to painting in the style of loose realism. Her work to date has been primarily oil paintings on canvas and panel -- these evolving works capture the objects, people, and landscapes of her experiences in both rural and urban settings.  She paints for the love and joy of it and to capture fleeting moments  or  feelings  worthy of reverberation and pause.   Art is subjective, but this artist always asks, "Is this a work I would want to live with, and will this work elicit a feeling that will elevate my life?" Commissioned work is available during certain seasons of the year. To purchase these works or to discuss a commissioned work, please direct inquiries to  

Janet Krusi Fine Art - Original Oil Paintings - Landscapes & Portraits

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